De gentileza em gentileza…

Eu estava pronta para sair, minha maquiagem linda, mas eu tive que voltar ao banheiro para retocar, por que uma matéria me fez chorar. Pode ser a TPM, mas, para falar a verdade, todos os projetos que focam em criar uma sociedade mais bela me trazem lágrimas aos olhos. Esse chama Doe Sentimentos, um grupo … Continue reading De gentileza em gentileza…


Arts and Nature, I am talking about Inhotim

Minas Gerais is full of wonders. One of them is a open museum called Inhotim. Right next to Belo Horizonte, the beautiful capital of this rich state, Inhotim holds many marvels. There are many art installations in between a well nurtured nature that dialogs with the pieces in a surprising way. There are lots of … Continue reading Arts and Nature, I am talking about Inhotim

TED Thursdays: Finding your way back home

I am pretty sure I've already said here how much I love TED Talks, so I decided do dedicate Thursdays to them. This one I am sharing today seems kind of made up for me. The talker is Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She spoke about failure and success and finding your way … Continue reading TED Thursdays: Finding your way back home


It is time for a poem

  All my life I´ve been dreaming Sometimes with my eyes closed Sometimes out loud All my life I´ve been smiling Sometimes a little less Sometimes a little more All my life I believed the world would smile back And as it did, I laughed, loud But things end and they break, Sometimes I cry, … Continue reading It is time for a poem


New music on the block – Musical Thursday

What have you been listening to? From my side, there is this two songs that might just have me hooked by the end of the week. Both of them are from artists I adore. The first one is called Bartender, from Lady Antebellum. Here is the lyric video, which is bad, even though the song … Continue reading New music on the block – Musical Thursday


Commencement speech, an inspiration

Graduation is geeting closer. And you get the thinking, what will I do now? Getting a job, travelling and grad school are on my list. But, while I work my way until that day in November, I might as well get some inspiration for the future. And listening to commencement speechs is a great way … Continue reading Commencement speech, an inspiration


Tuesdays are for smiles

Anything Goes is a wonderful musical, full of good songs. And this video of the cat singing What Makes You Beautiful from One Directon is sooo absolutely cute 🙂 I loved it, so I am sharing it with you: