Can you hear the city whispers?

Once Mr. Miles, a traveler columnist for the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper said that the best way to get to know a city is walking and hearing its whispers, conversations, secrets. Hear it talking to you. It may sound kind of weird, but it is absolutely true. And I could listen Amsterdam confessing its … Continue reading Can you hear the city whispers?


The power of music and art

Or, I am not asking for sympathy, just telling a story.    I was feeling like shit, from pms, from having to break one of the locks of my bike , for having to spend money to break it, for being unable to negotiate, for loosing the key of the lock ( the whole reason … Continue reading The power of music and art

Arts and Nature, I am talking about Inhotim

Minas Gerais is full of wonders. One of them is a open museum called Inhotim. Right next to Belo Horizonte, the beautiful capital of this rich state, Inhotim holds many marvels. There are many art installations in between a well nurtured nature that dialogs with the pieces in a surprising way. There are lots of … Continue reading Arts and Nature, I am talking about Inhotim


When in Prague..

I realized I haven't been back to tell you about my travelling in July. Doing the math, I've been to eleven cities, 3 countries, 4 airports, a bunch of trains and buses and hotels and houses. But, let’s stop for a while in Prague. First, chose a place in the old square (make sure to … Continue reading When in Prague..


Mussings on travelling – a little list

I have been travelling for a while now, so why not share about what I've learned in all these years, right? I mean, travelling does change you, even if my best friend disagrees (he is in Spain now, so he'll probably change his mind about it). Another point is, I always said yes to simply … Continue reading Mussings on travelling – a little list


When in Brazil..

It is not like I have that much to write. But, I just feel like sharing how the beaches in Brazil are wonderful. I simply love the sand and the sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of seaweed and people and food and beer, the feel of the warm sand in the feet, … Continue reading When in Brazil..


If you are travelling

I was just reading a post about traveling, and it reminded me of a episode that happened with me in NYC. It was just a simple gesture and it couldn’t have taken more than 1 minute, but it meant a lot and it made me believe in people more. I had just gotten out of … Continue reading If you are travelling