Os amores nos tempos modernos

  Domingo passado fui assistir Ponte Aérea, um filme da talentosa Julia Rezende com o lindo do Caio Blat sobre uma menina de São Paulo e um menino do Rio entre encontros e desencontros no mundo atual. A narrativa é linda, assim como a fotografia que mostra o Rio e Sampa de um modo belo e … Continue reading Os amores nos tempos modernos


No teatro: E se elas fossem para Moscou…

Ir ao teatro é uma delícia e eu tenho sorte de viver em São Paulo, uma cidade que oferece tantas opções culturais. Domingo passado eu fui assistir a bela peça de Christiane Jathy, E se elas fossem para Moscou..., baseada no teatro de Anton Tchekhov, As Três Irmãs . A peça discute sobre a vontade … Continue reading No teatro: E se elas fossem para Moscou…

On Kubrick and his movies

There is this really cool exhibition on Stanley Kubrick in MIS (The Museum of Image and Sound), it has traveled the world and it is now in my beautiful city. So, I went to take a look with my family. We loved it, so I decided to buy a box of his movies.This weekend in … Continue reading On Kubrick and his movies


When in Brazil..

It is not like I have that much to write. But, I just feel like sharing how the beaches in Brazil are wonderful. I simply love the sand and the sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of seaweed and people and food and beer, the feel of the warm sand in the feet, … Continue reading When in Brazil..


Por São Paulo – Em Pinheiros

So, I changed my place of work, therefore, a new neighborhood to explore. And share my discoveries with you guys, since sharing is caring 😉 Anyways, in Pinheiros, you cannot miss the Tomie Ohtake Institute, the architecture is real cool, but better than that are the expositions they make. The Japanese-Brazilian artist has beautiful works … Continue reading Por São Paulo – Em Pinheiros


Paulista Avenue.

Let me go back? I could take a plane right now. Is not like I dont like it here, I do. São Paulo is a great city. And walking is Paulista is so nice. You always get to see new things, it is pretty impressive. Like, yesterday was the Nerd Pride Day, so everyone was … Continue reading Paulista Avenue.