NYC for the last time (until I go back)

I have one last thing to say about New York City and then I will focus on the now, since I am not there anymore. So on my last days there, I didnt get to do much. Therefore, I still have a list for next time, which includes: *Tifanny´s *Staten Island Ferry during sunset *A … Continue reading NYC for the last time (until I go back)


A True New Yorker?

Well, I´ve been gone for two weeks already. I am back in sunny Florida, in the delicious Eckerd College, enjoying college life and it is great. But New York City can seem to leave my mind. This time what triggered my memories was this video: I believe I talked about this guy already, right? … Continue reading A True New Yorker?

The best things in life for free (2)

What a delightful couple of days! As I walked home today (and yesterday) I was like, I need to write this in the blog! Baked by Melissa open on Fulton a some days ago, and as the store is famous, I needed to try their cupcakes ( I am such a sweet tooth). So, I … Continue reading The best things in life for free (2)


the best things are free

Can I tell you guys a dirty little secret? Sometimes I don´t shower. Promise not to tell anyone? I know you do it too, in the winter, when it is waay to cold to take your clothes off. I know it. But, then well you feel the hot water coming down your body and it … Continue reading the best things are free


Midnight sessions

I believe I´ve been to the cinema more times in Summer that I have in the past semester, but I guess that normal, right? And I can´t help it, I love going to the movies. Watching good actors, listening different languages, seeing spetacular views of places I want to go. Yesterday after a good/torturous time … Continue reading Midnight sessions


Oh, damn, the rain

Today I was going to watch a free movie on the Museum of Moving Image sculpture garden, but it was raining, so I couldnt go. The movie I was supossed to watch is something that I´ve been wanting to see for a long time now and someway or another I will. Maybe they have it … Continue reading Oh, damn, the rain


Cooking, Eating, Projects

Hello again. It is Monday. The International starting Diet Day(ok, I confess I totally stole that phrase from a friend, but it is just so accurate!), but isnt it hard? I know for me it is, especially when my roomate (or whatever you call it) buys ice cream and I discover my hidden talents for … Continue reading Cooking, Eating, Projects