Os amores nos tempos modernos

  Domingo passado fui assistir Ponte Aérea, um filme da talentosa Julia Rezende com o lindo do Caio Blat sobre uma menina de São Paulo e um menino do Rio entre encontros e desencontros no mundo atual. A narrativa é linda, assim como a fotografia que mostra o Rio e Sampa de um modo belo e … Continue reading Os amores nos tempos modernos


Arts and Nature, I am talking about Inhotim

Minas Gerais is full of wonders. One of them is a open museum called Inhotim. Right next to Belo Horizonte, the beautiful capital of this rich state, Inhotim holds many marvels. There are many art installations in between a well nurtured nature that dialogs with the pieces in a surprising way. There are lots of … Continue reading Arts and Nature, I am talking about Inhotim

Imaginary Friends

  Everyone had one somewhere during their life story. Some dished them away, some still have them. I am in the latest group. His name is Billy. He is handsome, with green eyes and dark brown hair, and super sweet. He is always with me, sometimes I may forget about him but I know he … Continue reading Imaginary Friends


Movie day: American Hustle

What to do on a Wednesday afternoon? Go to the movies! Why not? I wasen't really doing much, anyways. Nah, that is a lie. I am working on my final project for the last year of college. Yes, you heard me right, my last year. Finally? I think so, but I would be lying again … Continue reading Movie day: American Hustle


The book thief

The movie, directed by Brian Percival, was so good. Even though,  I confess I had a shock when I heard a male voice as the narator,  for me Death was a woman. With a seductive voice,  who told Liesel's story with a smile on her lips. I read the book a long time ago,  but … Continue reading The book thief


On Kubrick and his movies

There is this really cool exhibition on Stanley Kubrick in MIS (The Museum of Image and Sound), it has traveled the world and it is now in my beautiful city. So, I went to take a look with my family. We loved it, so I decided to buy a box of his movies.This weekend in … Continue reading On Kubrick and his movies


For the love of music

Ok, now, why didn't I start watching The Voice any sooner? This show is so incredibly good. I mean, come on. The judges are just so fun to watch and the battles, oh my. Some of them just blew me away. Really. Like the couple that sang I don't wanna miss a thing from Aerosmith, … Continue reading For the love of music