Once Mr. Miles, a traveler columnist for the Estado de S. Paulo newspaper said that the best way to get to know a city is walking and hearing its whispers, conversations, secrets. Hear it talking to you. It may sound kind of weird, but it is absolutely true.

And I could listen Amsterdam confessing its secrets to me as I walked around town, all the way from home in the south to the city centre (try on hour and 10 min walking), on one of the first rings (or canals, or as they say, grachts). I passed by Vondelpark ( yeah, that is basically my way to downtown) and I just felt the city spirit. The people exercising, doing a painting lesson, smoking, eating, and enjoying the patches of sunlight. I even saw an old lady ripping of some plants, maybe for home made drugs? Maybe for tea?

I turned left out of the park, faithfully following my queen Google Maps, and into the tourist hub of the city rings. Passing by a mix of coffeshops, souvenir shops and travel agencies all cramped between the charming narrow brick  buildings of this city. The place I was looking for is a small cafe almost inside the oldest church of Amsterdam. Very close to one of the things this town is most famous for: the Red Light District, which I stumbled upon on my way. The cafe is called De Koffieschenkerij and it is so charming. It also serves nice food <3. And it is very close to this other place called Quatier Putain, which I didn’t go, but I am planning too pretty soon. Maybe in my next brunch with my CISV friend.

All that walk was on a friday ( cause fridays are nice days for brunchs) on monday  I went to this brazilian shop called Finalmente Brasil, in Kinkerstraat (a really nice street to buy anything you need. It basically 25 de março but less crowded and more organized), that sells brazilian food (ooh, really?) and bought condensed milk and pão de queijo and I feel so happy about it. Monday ended on a nice note, with us (me, this cool spanish girl, and this down-to-earth turkish girl) just sitting by the canal, drinking and talking about life. And life has been treating me quite well.


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