Or, I am not asking for sympathy, just telling a story. 



I was feeling like shit, from pms, from having to break one of the locks of my bike , for having to spend money to break it, for being unable to negotiate, for loosing the key of the lock ( the whole reason I had to break it in the first place), for not having a copy of the key. So, I decided to pass by the Van Gogh museum to see if his sunflowers would cheer me up.

The line was too big, so I ended up in the Stedelijk museum, which is a modern and contemporary art gallery. And this exhibition called Excitement, just made me smile. I guess it is good art when it makes you feel, right? And there were so many different pieces, that together built up a very neat collection and it affects you with a variety of emotions. There was this piece by Damien Hirst (who, btw, is a very good contemporary artist) called Waste, which is a transparent box full of hospital trash. It was so disturbing and compelling at the same time, I couldn’t stop looking at it for a moment. I guess it brought back memories. And then this voice came out of the blue, or maybe the speakers, bringing me back to reality and making me jump a few centimeters.

I got out of the museum, feeling a lot better, with a smile on my face and biked home, through the Vondelpark, and the canal that borders my apartment. Got inside, changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and ran downstairs again to meet the girls for drinks at a friend’s place. This friend lives in the Joordan, which is a beautiful neighborhood, quiet and trendy at the same time. Btw, it is where Sweet Bob is, this cute, delicious brigadeiro shop.  I will go back to it in some other post ;). After the drinks, we decided to go clubbing in this street called Reguliersdwarsstraat, that is  full of bars. And we danced the night away to pop songs and it felt so good. Just shaking away all my stupid concerns and moving to the beat.

Finally, we went home biking, which actually saves a lot of money, gasoline and is very ecological and it makes you loose calories and sober up. And in the dead of night, when there is no one in the streets but you and your friends, it feels so liberating. The breeze on your face, the fresh air of the dawn, and you smile, happy to be in this great town. Happy to call Amsterdam your home.



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