It has been three weeks. Wow, time passed fast, for the most part, anyways. Of course there are days that I miss home and having someone else that washed my clothes, did my bed, cleaned the apartment and went to the supermarket. Somedays I am way to lazy to get a nice meal done or wash the dishes, and I really wish getting my nails and eyebrows done would cost the same as Brazil, but it just doesn’t. Nor does waxing. So cheers to learning how to pluck my own eyebrows.

And cheers to almost a month in this absolutely gorgeous city. I know I just did a whole paragraph of complaining, but the truth is I am just being spoiled. The weather has been beautiful, granting me with sunny days, so I can walk around, drink a beer by the canal, get to know the neighborhood, go for brunch with a CISV friend and enjoy the building balcony with my pretty nice neighbors passing a joint ( it is Amsterdam, after all, and all the international students are pretty happy to get their hands so easily on weed).

It has trully been a blast untill now and Friday I went for brunch in this pretty nice place called CT in downtown. I obviously got lost to get there, but the good part in that is I got to know different sides of the city (silver linings, right? ). The food was good, the conversation was even better and I felt ready to go to my quantative methods class. And this time, I was even early for it, so proud of myself! To top of, we (meaning me and this very fun Hungarian girl that lives in my building) went to this cool club called Panama for a international students party.

The weekend was nothing short either, Saturday I started my volunteer job, which is called Buurtbuik and it is all about food saving. They get the food that would have been thrown away by restaurants, local markets and catering companies and prepare meals for centers and shelters. I loved it and besides helping people, I got a delicious free lunch. And monday I start my dutch classes and on Tuesday my pole dance classes. Talk about being excited for the week to start!



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