Minas Gerais is full of wonders. One of them is a open museum called Inhotim. Right next to Belo Horizonte, the beautiful capital of this rich state, Inhotim holds many marvels.

There are many art installations in between a well nurtured nature that dialogs with the pieces in a surprising way. There are lots of things to see there. Therefore, I chose my three favorite ones to present to you.

The first one is an installation by Carlos Garaicoa, the Cuban artist comes with Ahora juguemos a desaparecer (II), or now we play of desapiring. The room is full of lighten candles, each one in the format of famous monuments, think Toiffel Tower, or Sagrada Familia and ramdom buildings and houses, all melting due to the fire. It is so pretty and it makes you think about how things can all shatter so easily. He transforms the city in a stage of constant destruction and recontruction, and the result is a delight and can bring up lots of diferent reflections.

carlos caraicoa-Ahora juguemos a desaparecer (II)

The second one is from the Brazilian artist Valeska Soares, her piece Folly is a mirrored pavilion, with a video of two people dancing, it has an air of fantasy and seduction, and it is a great example of a good combination between art and nature, the garden outside contributes to the atmosphere Valeska wants to induce and it just puts me in a happy place.


Finally, there is Cardiff&Miller. On this one, you can simply sit down, close your eyes and listen. The installation is called The Murder of Crows, which kind of reminds me of Game of Thrones (did you guys see the last episode. Wow!). Anyways, it is a mixture of sounds, a person telling a nightmare and a lullaby. It is so good to just hear and be transported by the story that is being told by all the sounds.


Well, that is it 🙂 I hope you habe a chance to visit Inhotim!


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