Some people are just awesome, aren´t they? People that write great things, people that create great things, or do great things. Like, this kid, who we all know as Kid President. After his super duper presidential speech, he comes again to teach us 20 things we should say more. His list is real good, but I would like to add some of mine own ideais before sharing the video with you guys. 🙂

1. I love you, because it is never too much, especially when you mean it

2. Smile! Well, you can  be quiet for this one, but to laugh is certainly always the best remedy.

3. Go for it! (cause you know, everyone needs a little push…)

And here is the video:

I hope you enjoy it as use it 🙂 Afterall, the world would certainly be a better place with more corndogs, or, cheese balls. Yeah, cheese balls and brigadeiros for sure.

“Hey you are so nice, I will buy you a brigadeiro ;)” I would be soo happy with that. Haahahahahaaha.


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