Sunday is a day for easy listening songs, isn´t it? Actually Sunday is a day for easy everything. Well, not this one. This one I spend volunteering. Something I love to do. I am so tired right now, having woken up at 6 am. But, it is worth it. To give your day to someone else, to a cause that is worth working for. It is priceless.

In fact, Saturday was a priceless day also. I saw so many cool artists life, it was amazing. One of them, if fact, I want to share with you guys, since it totally fits my easy listening mode. He is a young Brazilian artist with a powerful voice and really well written songs with lyrics so truthful and relatable. His name is Marcelo Jeneci.

Here is my favorite:

The second artist I want to share is Anna Nalick. Her voice is soft and delightful and her songs are simple and yet well written. When I listen to this California singer-song writer I find myself smiling while tears falling from my eyes. Tears are usually a good sign for me. They are often not of sadness, but of emotion, of agreement, of just simply enjoying a beautiful thing.

Here is the one I am hooked up on right now:


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