There is this really cool exhibition on Stanley Kubrick in MIS (The Museum of Image and Sound), it has traveled the world and it is now in my beautiful city. So, I went to take a look with my family. We loved it, so I decided to buy a box of his movies.


This weekend in my country house we watched The Shining. And wow. Just wow. It is such a good movie. You can feel the angst, the craziness, the loneliness of that big hotel, The Overlook. From start to end it is a breathtaking experience, you cannot take your eyes of the screen (unless when you have to close them because you are afraid of what might happen with the characters).

The movie is based on the book by the same name from Stephen King, who writes horror stories so well and who recently launched the sequence to The Shinning, called Doctor Sleep with Danny Torrance living a quiet life. The movie was released in 1980 and it starred Jack Nicholson(with his creepy eye brows), Shelley Duvall, and Danny Lloyd(who became a pig farmer and science teacher) as the Torrance family who spend their winter in the isolated Overlook Hotel.

Kubrick knew exactly how to explore each gender and, specially the spectacle structure. He understood who should be casted in his movies and when should they be launched so they would create a big buzz. They were always polemic, always big happenings and I do command him for that. All his movies are amazingly done, he was a perfectionist and it pay off.


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