Ok, now, why didn’t I start watching The Voice any sooner? This show is so incredibly good. I mean, come on. The judges are just so fun to watch and the battles, oh my. Some of them just blew me away. Really. Like the couple that sang I don’t wanna miss a thing from Aerosmith, how could you not be moved by that? It was so good, I had tears in my eyes.

So here it is for you guys to enjoy it:

Also, Cher in the show? That was real cool. And Ed Sheenan, he is such a cute guy, isn’t he? Just a sweetheart, and he matches up with Christina so well! Talking about Christina, here is another song for you guys. One of my favourites of hers, Stronger:

For real, I really should have found out this show was good before, ’cause it is so ate now and I just cannot stop watching (I’ve seen 5 in a row already, is it too much? Should I stop?), I will stop after this last one 😉

P.S.: Adam Lavine is the show, and he is soooo hot and sings well and is cute and has good songs and good battles. I am in love.


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