I realized I haven’t been back to tell you about my travelling in July. Doing the math, I’ve been to eleven cities, 3 countries, 4 airports, a bunch of trains and buses and hotels and houses. But, let’s stop for a while in Prague.

First, chose a place in the old square (make sure to see it both during the day and the night), with views from Tyn Church, which inspired Walt Diney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, and the Astronomical Clock (get a full hour to see the little show)and ask for Goulash, or, something I enjoyed much more than that, sausage! For real, they have really good sausages. You can also drink very well there and for real cheap. Try the local beer inside the U Fleků brewery and restaurant. The place is one of the oldest breweries in town and it is considered a landmark there and their beer is delicious!

But, Prague has a lot more to show. My best advice? Walk around! For real, I know no better way to getting to know a city than walking, and observing.

Now do make a few stops in:

  1. A Dark Theater presentation. Anyone of them (there are a lot), they are so fun and surreal.
  2. The Castle of Prague.  The biggest castle in Europe(says Guiness) is really pretty and holds the magnificent St. Georges Basilica and St. Vithus Curch, a vineyard and the house where Kafka lived for a while. Walk around and hear the stories about it (like the one about a reunion of important ministers that was invaded and all the ministers defenestrated (translating: got thrown out of the window) and this didn’t happen only once.
  3. Charles Bridge. See the views of the city, and all the sculptures displaced over it, like the famously lusty St Roc, just after his testicles had been bitten off by a dog sent by God. Others include a skeptical-looking Czech prophetess-queen, puppets, Kafka, and the Angel of Death.
  4. Love Locks Canal. Why? Lovers lock down their love atop that passage, putting a locker around the grids. So, if you do go with your special one, make sure to leave your locker there 😉 A little walk after this, you will find The Lennon Wall, filled with Beatles songs. I found it so cool and totally let my song over there!
  5. Jewish Quarter where you can see the place in which the Golem tale started, the beautiful Sepharadi synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery, so small yet so deep. The old cemetery dates from the Xv century and has accumulated many tombs ever since.

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