I have been travelling for a while now, so why not share about what I’ve learned in all these years, right? I mean, travelling does change you, even if my best friend disagrees (he is in Spain now, so he’ll probably change his mind about it). Another point is, I always said yes to simply pack and go, jump on a plain, get on a train, hop in a car.

This was something I never really had much fear, I could feel a little aprehensive, but I knew it would be worth it. But some people are really afraid of leaving home. I get it, not knowing anyone, not knowing the language, not knowing where to go, what to see, the fear of leaving things behind. There are a lot of reasons to be afraid.

But, don’t be. Really, don’t be. And when you travel, just let it go.

Here is a little list:

1. Pack light: Yes, we all want to bring everything we think we will ever need. But, don’t. It is easier to travel with less and you can, than, fill your suitcase with goodies you buy. And, you dont need much. As long as you have underwear, sun screen, a few tees, some pants/shorts, a jacket, a towel and a bikini you will do just fine. I swear on it.

2. Drop the guide book and the map: Exploring is one of the best things while travelling, so let go of the guide and hear what the locals suggest as a good restaurant, ask the hotel for tips and walk around, look for the unexpected and the things YOU would love to see somewhere else.

3. Do everything: Just be adventurous and take all the chances. Go surfing, go sky diving, go dancing with strangers, go drinking by yourself. Eat weird stuff and the local food. Really, eat the local food. Take that air ballon flight and that wine that cost so much. You wont regret, for sure.

4. Talk to people: People are nice, or at least, most of them are. They will help, if you ask them too. And they will tell interesting stories and life lessons. Start conversations, ask for tips, ask for numbers. Just talk to them.

5. Be careful: You should be adventurous and talk to strangers and go explore, yes. But dont be reckless. Some places are dangerous, some people are mean. So, take care of your money, keep your passport with you always, dont take that lilttle road with no people at dark. Just have some sense.

Here is a bigger list you guys might also enjoy, I certanly did:


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