It is not like I have that much to write. But, I just feel like sharing how the beaches in Brazil are wonderful. I simply love the sand and the sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of seaweed and people and food and beer, the feel of the warm sand in the feet, jumping in the cold water and skipping the waves.

The last weeked I was in Ubatuba, a coast city with lots of beaches, my friend has a house in Toninhas, which is a really pretty beach, with big waves and a wonderful vibe. There is an observatory, with a beautiful view to the beach and a delicious Açai! Also, there are the rocks, were you can climb and enjoy the waves hitting and splashing.

We also took a little trip to Itambuca, where a Surf championship was happening. The beach is so nice, there is a big lake where you can kaiak or paddle board and so many gorgeous people.

I just wish the weekend could’ve lasted a little longer.


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