Ok, I loved this project, so, I had to share. The photographer Richard Renaldi decided to make an ongoing project called Touching Strangers. In this series of photos he asks complete strangers to physically interact in same way. The results are beautiful and I wish he would put a more elaborate description with the photos than just the name of the people photographed. But this is a minor detail, the pictures are beatiful and moving and Richard creates ephemeral relations that even only existing for a moment are immortalized in a frame.

Go look at them:

Feel like making more friends and talking to strangers? `Cause I kinda did, you know?

And while I was reading his blog, I found this post: about commencement speechs. I didn’t watch them, since I am at work and I forgot my earphones, but one is from Meryl Streep and one is from J.K. Rowling, so I am guessing they should be pretty good.

Well, that is it.


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