Ok, so much happened since my last post, which was like a month ago. I am back to a job that is 10 minutes from home, which a great thing, I’ve been watching movies every weekend since I have a class that requires it, I’ve been stuck in the same book for a month, even though I finished reading all the 7 books of Pretty Little Liars.

Anyways, the movie I watched this weekend was Jobs, with Ashton Kutcher. I do love him, he is gorgeous and actually a good actor. I am not sure about the movie, though. It was not bad, but it was so long and uninteresting. By this last word I mean there was nothing to make you want to keep watching. We all know the story of Jobs, don’t we? And the movie didn’t show anything new.

My teacher asked us to watch because the film tells the story of a myth being created, of a name that became also an adjective. No matter what, Jobs will hunt us for the rest of our lives and beyond it. He may have died young, but he sure got what he wanted, he left his mark on the world. And that is more than I can say about most people. Well, he was not most people, that is true, he was a visionary, but it was his passion and perseverance that took him to the top.

Those last two everyone has, right? Some people just explore it more than others. In the end he says: “The crazy ones are the ones who move the world forward”, or something like it. The thing is, those are not the crazy ones, they are the ones who thought differently.



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