When in Prague..

I realized I haven't been back to tell you about my travelling in July. Doing the math, I've been to eleven cities, 3 countries, 4 airports, a bunch of trains and buses and hotels and houses. But, let’s stop for a while in Prague. First, chose a place in the old square (make sure to … Continue reading When in Prague..


Mussings on travelling – a little list

I have been travelling for a while now, so why not share about what I've learned in all these years, right? I mean, travelling does change you, even if my best friend disagrees (he is in Spain now, so he'll probably change his mind about it). Another point is, I always said yes to simply … Continue reading Mussings on travelling – a little list

When in Brazil..

It is not like I have that much to write. But, I just feel like sharing how the beaches in Brazil are wonderful. I simply love the sand and the sea, the sound of the waves, the smell of seaweed and people and food and beer, the feel of the warm sand in the feet, … Continue reading When in Brazil..


Touch a stranger

Ok, I loved this project, so, I had to share. The photographer Richard Renaldi decided to make an ongoing project called Touching Strangers. In this series of photos he asks complete strangers to physically interact in same way. The results are beautiful and I wish he would put a more elaborate description with the photos … Continue reading Touch a stranger


Two really cool things I’ve got to share

How to be persuasive: http://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/7-things-really-persuasive-people-do.html#!How to be happier and make others happier too: http://www.actionforhappiness.org/Projects worth seeing: http://www.goodnet.org/articles/6-photography-projects-that-will-make-you-go-wowSharing is caring, right? And those websites are meant to be shared.  


Jobs, the movie.

  Ok, so much happened since my last post, which was like a month ago. I am back to a job that is 10 minutes from home, which a great thing, I've been watching movies every weekend since I have a class that requires it, I've been stuck in the same book for a month, … Continue reading Jobs, the movie.