So, I changed my place of work, therefore, a new neighborhood to explore. And share my discoveries with you guys, since sharing is caring 😉


Anyways, in Pinheiros, you cannot miss the Tomie Ohtake Institute, the architecture is real cool, but better than that are the expositions they make. The Japanese-Brazilian artist has beautiful works and a big part of those you can see in the institute,  that also offers a great deal of rotatory exhibitions.

After a good deal of art, there is the Por do Sol square that offers a beautiful view of the sunset in São Paulo. So, a pretty good program is to get the real nice new macarons of wine, beer and cognac from Jolie and walk to the square to eat them while watching the sun go down over São Paulo.

After that, we can go to Happy Hour, right? Juarez Bar is really close and it has great food, beer and drinks. The place is really nice and cozy and calls for long talks with meats in the grill that they put in the table for you.

To go home, get the yellow line, or that is what I will do.





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