Things are changing. I do believe that change always comes for good. It may not seem at first, but in the end, or in the process, you will see that something good has come out of it. Anyways, I´ve been travelling for the summer, something, I guess you´ve realized by now, I love doing. But, I will make a post about everything I visited after, since now I feel like talking about the book I am reading.

A Tale of Love and Darkness is a book by the Israeli prizewinner writer Amos Oz. I confess, I am still in the beginning, but I am already loving it so much. It is a story about the construction of Israel, but essentially, it is about books. The way Oz describes his childhood memories, with rich details that transport you to the Israel before the independence? Is wonderful, I could imagine me there, in the small flat he used to live with his family in Jerusalem. And reading the books, their smell, their touch.  The author has a way of writing that keeps you hooked and makes you feel like you are by his side at all times. It is like a lesson to all book lovers and to all writers. I am loving it so much, I wish I could just read all day.

Unfortunately, live is not that easy. Not that I have anything to complain about.  In fact, that is something I want to confess, I have been so spoiled.  For real. I got the subway today and I was like, WTF? There was waaay too many people in there.


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