Let me go back? I could take a plane right now. Is not like I dont like it here, I do. São Paulo is a great city. And walking is Paulista is so nice. You always get to see new things, it is pretty impressive. Like, yesterday was the Nerd Pride Day, so everyone was wearing towels ( as Douglas Adams tells), which was really funny. Then, I passed by a rap duel, and a Roda de Samba. So much music and life I was glad I chose to talk instead of taking the subway.

And every Sunday in this big Avenue there is the street market, so nice to see all the people selling cool stuff and then go for a walk in Trianon Park. I could do it every Sunday, even though its been a while I dont do it. And now, you can take a bike and ride through Paulista and see the buildings and cars and people go by. I love riding bikes. And if you are tired you can always stop in Conjunto Nacional for a frozen yogurt and book reading.

Sounds good, right? And all of this listening to good music? Better yet. My suggestion? The Perry Band! I´ve been so hooked up in country music, it is great!


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