I was just reading a post about traveling, and it reminded me of a episode that happened with me in NYC. It was just a simple gesture and it couldn’t have taken more than 1 minute, but it meant a lot and it made me believe in people more. I had just gotten out of the airport train, to get the A train to downtown, with all my bags, I was tired and a bit confused and amazed. This girl comes up to me and offers her metrocard, at first I doubted her, I was like, aren’t you going to need it? And she answered: “I am leaving, and there is still three days to spend, its yours.”, I thanked her and went on my way with a smile in my face and a promise: I would give my card when I left from the city.

And, I did and, when I gave my card I secretly wished the guy would do the same to the next person. I wished that all people would be so nice whilst traveling. Some of you say you are afraid of traveling alone, I confess, I am also. But, then, I remembered I’ve already said here that I don’t mind going to the cinema alone. Some might say you can’t compare both, but I think you can. It is about enjoying things by yourself. It is about being curious and open, and not limited by anything. If there is no one to go with you, then why shouldn’t you just go by yourself, it will be a completely different experience and I can assure you, you will enjoy it, some way or other. By meeting new people, by being able to do the things only you want to do, by having to have courage to always ask.

So, I guess, inspired by the trip I have ahead of me and the ones I have had, I wanna share: don’t be afraid to travel alone, it can be incredible and be honest and helpful with others, you never know what may came your way. 

Good traveling and good night 😉


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