Yesterday was such a productive day! No, seriously, I love wathcing movies and this Thursday I saw really good ones, not on porpouse. The first one, it was in class, a class I decided to walk in late, since I find it so annoying , but thankfully, I did go, because otherwise I would have lost this great film. It is called Persepolis, an homage to the homonimous heroic city in Iran. It is a french animated fiction, based on the graphic novel of Marjane Satrapi. The movie tells the story of a girl living during the Iranian Revolution. The movie is funny and witty, with great dialogues and images. And it guves you an understanding of what the Revolution was and how extreme things can be. And there you have the sad part, it is a hard reality to live in.

The other movie I saw was after class, usually, I just go to sleep, since I am so tired, but class had ended early, so I decided to turn on the TV. Iron Lady was passing, so I layed down in the couch and watched. Such a good movie, I mean, first of all: Meryl Streep. What is this lady? She is such an inspiration and she got an Oscar for the movie, just to go with all her other awards. I wish I could talk to her someday, so she could tell me how she builds her characters, I could use some tips. But, the movie, which is a biographical film based on the life of Margaret Thatcer, most known as Iron Lady, who died this year and was the longest-serving prime-minister of the UK, and of course, the first woman.

The movie, is not all Meryl Streep, the dialogues, the scenes are all well done. Afterall, the story of this outstanding woman is incredible. She is, just like Meryl, an inpiration. I could learn a lot from her, even though I didnt really approve all the things she did.

Talking about movies, I havent been to one in a while, could someone take me? Or, I might as well just go by myself, I actually do enjoy it.




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