Ok, I’ve been an orphan of Spotify, since it doesn’t work in Brazil for quite some time and it makes me sad, cause it is a lot better than Grooveshark. Even though that happened, my pursue for good music continues, and with the help from the program above, I found some really good stuff to listen to.

And, since sharing is caring, here they are:

1. Vivendo no ócio

They are a Brazilia band from Bahia, formed by Jajá Cardoso, Dieguito Reis, Luca e Davide Bori. They live together in São Paulo, and since they signed the contract with DeckDisk, they launched three studio albuns and got the VMB Prize in 2009.

This one, Nostalgia (about how they miss Bahia) is real nice:

2. Los Campesinos!

hey are a six piece indie pop band from Cardiff, Wales, formed in early 2006 at Cardiff University. Although the band formed in Wales, none of its members are Welsh. 

This one is called Don’t Tell me to do the math and it is oh-so-cute. With that indie pop, lets dance vide and the girl has such a good voice.

3. The Wombats, they also came from the UK, more specifically Liverpool, (what is it there? They know how to do good music) and they grew fast, really fast with their indie dance that makes you want to jump of your chair. No wonder  they won the Platinum album with their 2007 debut ‘Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation’. And got over 300,000 combined sales of their indie dancefloor smashes  like ‘Kill The Director’, that you can hear/see right here:


One more thing, the new album from P!nk is so deliciously good :))


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