I have one last thing to say about New York City and then I will focus on the now, since I am not there anymore. So on my last days there, I didnt get to do much. Therefore, I still have a list for next time, which includes:


*Staten Island Ferry during sunset

*A swing dance club

*Central Park (well, again.)

*Red Hook

*Harlem + Washington Heights

*Queens Museum

*Opening a shop in the East Village

Is there something else? I am not sure. But, hopefully I will get those done soon enough. But, the time I was there, I did get to do nice things, even though I spend a lot of my time watching Once Upon a Time, which I will talk about later, in some other post.

One thing that I adored doing, was walking though the East Village, with all those cute buildings, good thrift stores, cheap eats and drinks(say St. Marks Place, which is home of an amazing Falafel and a very interesting Ice Cream Hot Dog). And then, going down a bit more to the Lower East Side, which is another place I love in New York City. And this time, I discovered a cheap and delicious Japonese restaurant, that I believe is totally worth sharing. It is called Hana and it is located on 79 Clinton St, between Staton (which also has real good restaurants) and Rivington, it has delicious rolls for a really good price and it is a very cute and intimate place. For dessert, go for Cold Stone Creamery that opened on Houston St. I love that place 🙂

Finally, this time, I got to go to the Brooklyn Museum, which, just like the MET is “pay what you wish “. It is a very cute place, and it is worth it if you decide to spend the day in Brooklyn (next to it there is the beautiful Prospect Park). And, spending the day in Brooklyn is totally worth it!


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