It has been almost a year, but I am back to homeland. Where is that? Brazil. How do I feel about it? I am stil not sure. I mean, I am a quick adapter, so I am just fine, but it is stil weird and different.

Maybe by writing about it, about all my experience, I will figure it out? Or maybe I just want to share the great year I had  abroad, and also writing is a great way of remembering and not letting it go. But, is that good? In some ways, I believe so.

I should´ve written the last days since I was in NYC and I love sharing my experiences there, since it is just such a great city. But, I didn´t, so this challenge of “just doing it” is perfect and just what I needed. Because it is not like I don´t wan´t to write, I love writing, it is just that other things get in the way, nah, it is lie, I was just lazy, that is the truth. But, I am done with that. Or, hopefully, I am done with that. No, I have to be done with that. No more lazyness.

If I want to get better, I better start acting. Action is key to succes. Action is key to everything, actually.


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