I dont think I´ve writen about music in a while, right? not that I haven´t been listening to it everyday, especially now that I´ve got Spotify (aren´t these online music sites the best thing?). Spotify has shown me to a whole lot of new music, which is soo great because I was tired of listening to all the same songs.

The first great find is Imagine Dragons, they are actually famous here in the U.S., or at least here in Eckerd ( I cant stop loving this place). The indie rock band is frin Vegas, Nevada and it was formed in 2008, by  Dan Reynolds and D. Wayne Sermon (Guitar), Daniel “Z” Platzman (Drums), Ben McKee (Bass). They fisrt started playing in bars and casinos, afterall it is Vegas, but the fame comeand soon enough they were in a studio, recording.

Their songs are a mix of blend of hip-hop influenced backbeats layered under thrillingly direct guitar, bass, and drums. “We like making raw natural noises and keeping them raw and natural but transforming them into synthetic noises,” Sermon says. Their songs basically make you smile and sing along, Reynols has a great deep voice and the rest of the band keeps up with good accords.

Here is my favorite, “Demons”:

But make sure to listen to “It´s Time” and “Radioactive” also 🙂

Another nice band I got to know throgh Spotify is The Lumineers, a three-piece folk rock band from Denver, Colorado.  Wesley Schultz is on guitar and lead vocals, Jeremiah Fraites on drums, percussion, mandolin and vocals, and Neyla Pekarek on cello, mandolin, piano, and vocals.

Their style is rustic, a heart-on-the-sleeve, easy-listening, rocking into it kind of  music and it is delicious to listen. Schultz has a raspy, cool voice, the lyrics are simple.

Here is their most famous song, “Ho Hey”:


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