And then I failed. I had promised myself I would start writing at leastb twice a week, but that didbt work out. Why is it so hard? I open the page, get distracted by facebook, my roomate or whatever else is going on and forget about it.

American Horror Story started and so did Gossip Girl, both with the right foot. I love wathing series. And both are really diferent, but I believe I like them for a thing they have in commom, secrets and twists. Everything keeps interesting when there are secrets waiting to be unvealed. Right? Oh, hot guys also do the trick and Adam Levine in american horror story didnt desapoint at all. he sings, dances and acts well and is gorgeous, delicious!

But, it is not like I spend the day watching series (as much I wish I cold do it somedays), oh no. I´ve been gardening and it is just so rewarding. Being abble to harvest food that you planted and watered and weeded and took care of is amazing, but teaching kids about gardening is the best part of it. How the are so interested, how they just voluntarly hold your hand or give you a hug, who they always want to answer questions and are full of energy, it is beautiful to watch. I am just loving it. And they funny thing is that I was there teaching them and I started thinking about my voice, since I have a class about it and how my pitch goes higher whenever I am playing a role (say the role of a teacher).

I´ve also been swing dancing, which is awesome, but no one seems to know what I am talking about in Brazil, so here is a little video of the Lindy Hop, hopefully I will get there by the time I go back to my beloved country.


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