Finally, Fall start and all the new seasons are out! We’ve got Glee(the forth season is doing great! I love the scenes in NYC and there is always a new surprise), we´ve got Two Broke Girls (always funny to watch), we´ve got New Girl ( Jesse is suuuch a cutie) and Gossip Girl (havent got around to see, but will soon). And, then, we have got Amirecan Horror Story ( You go Ryan Murphy, how can one be so talented?).

Yes, yes, yes. I am sooo excited for this season. It is going to be completly diferent from the first one, since the house mistery got discovered, but I am betting from the trailers and the actors that is going to be just as good. And scary and creepy. Oh, yes, I just to find someone to watch with me (say a really cute guy, ahahha, no, whomever will keep me company during it – maybe popcorn? .

This is one of the trailers (with Maroon 5’s lead singer, the hotty Adam Levigne – he has been entering the TV/cinema carrer, huh? ):

The premiere is next week on Wednesday! So tune in at 10 pm on FX to watch the new season! And talking about horror, I am so excited to go to Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream this weekend! Oh yes, Halloween! Now, the question is, what should my custome be?


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