I realized I havent wrote in like forever, but life has been so demanding and exciting and distracting that I just couldnt stop by, even though I wanted too. I guess when I was in NYC I had a purpose for writing, I wanted to share all my adventures. Here in St. Pete, it is harder, it is not like my life is broing here, far from it, it is just that is not like I am going out every day and seeing new places, new movies, new music.

well, in fact, I did go see a movie, Pitch Perfect, and omg, I so loved it! I mean, I love anything with music and dancing and with a high school/college setting, so I was already hooked, but the songs were good and the story is actually funny and cute. The story is about an all girls acapella group trying to get their shit together again and win the national championship and , obviouslly, a love story. The only bad thing about the night was that we wanted to go eat in a nice restaurant downtown, but everything was so crowded that we just stopped by Five Guys (oh, well, there goes my idea of a fancy, delicious diner) and got burguers before the movie. I definitly need to get to know downtown better, it is such a cute area, but it is hard to get off campus when you dont have a car =/.

Talking about campus, lets go into some college life, yes? This weekend we had the traditional party Caubois X Indians, it was pretty cool, especially beacuse everyone was dressed up or, well, naked, since it is Eckerd and people dont really like wearing much here. I dont blame them, it is so freaking hot! We also had the premeire of Another Men´s Trash, our improve group. It was pretty fun and I soo wish I was part of it. I will work on getting into a improve group when I get back to Brazil(which is in like 2 months, how crazy is that? It doesnt even seen like almost a year that i´ve been gone and some people didnt even know, hahaha).


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