I´m listening to…

I dont think I´ve writen about music in a while, right? not that I haven´t been listening to it everyday, especially now that I´ve got Spotify (aren´t these online music sites the best thing?). Spotify has shown me to a whole lot of new music, which is soo great because I was tired of listening … Continue reading I´m listening to…


Garden and Roles

And then I failed. I had promised myself I would start writing at leastb twice a week, but that didbt work out. Why is it so hard? I open the page, get distracted by facebook, my roomate or whatever else is going on and forget about it. American Horror Story started and so did Gossip … Continue reading Garden and Roles

American Horror Story

Finally, Fall start and all the new seasons are out! We've got Glee(the forth season is doing great! I love the scenes in NYC and there is always a new surprise), we´ve got Two Broke Girls (always funny to watch), we´ve got New Girl ( Jesse is suuuch a cutie) and Gossip Girl (havent got … Continue reading American Horror Story


Movies, Parties, Desires

I realized I havent wrote in like forever, but life has been so demanding and exciting and distracting that I just couldnt stop by, even though I wanted too. I guess when I was in NYC I had a purpose for writing, I wanted to share all my adventures. Here in St. Pete, it is … Continue reading Movies, Parties, Desires