I am listening to this song from Mika (I love him so much, he has a lot of good songs with good lyrics, he looks adorable, he sings in French , his voice is smooth and delightful, his videoclips are creative and funny, what more do you need?) called Toy Boy and for some weird reason it gave me a desire to write.

Here is the song:

I am not in New York City anymore and even though I discover new things about it almost daily since I am still working for the company I was interning in the city, I feel like I should write about the experiences I am having in College, right? Afterall when the semester is over I will have to go back to reality and pop this delicious Eckerd bubble I live in right now.

What this bubble involves? Oh, well, Foam Parties, Toga Parties, Tanning on the pool, Laughing so hard, Tye-dyeing, doing smores by the beach… doesn´t this all sound so cool? Oh, yes, I know. I guess this is college. Living in dorms, having a nice roomate, we need speakers and nice posters and other cool decorating stuff.

Talking about decorating stuff, Pinterest is a great place for ideas! So, if you are in need of some, join it! On fact, I just did this pretty head band because of a DIY project I saw on the website! Go there: http://pinterest.co

Wait for more college life 🙂 Yes, yes, I am living the dream!


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