Well, I´ve been gone for two weeks already. I am back in sunny Florida, in the delicious Eckerd College, enjoying college life and it is great. But New York City can seem to leave my mind. This time what triggered my memories was this video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-19548517

I believe I talked about this guy already, right? The owner of Humans of New York ? I have this wish to meet him and I want him to take my portrait and tell a little piece of my story, just because he takes such beautiful pictures. I was never the biggest fan of photography, yes, I thought it could be nice, but I never really took notice until he made me realize the power of images. And, yes, images can be so powerful, can document so many things and show so much.

But this were not just ramdom pictures, no, they were taken in New York City. That made all the difference. I love that city so much. I knew the first time I stepped on those streets of silver that that city was my ultimate destiny, I could life in Brazil, I could travel the world, but I would always have to come back to that magic place. As simple as that and than when someone told me I was a true New Yorker, it was like the biggest compliment I could ever receive.

But, really, what makes a true New Yorker? The pretty good show How I met your mother gives away some good points:

See you soon!


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