What a delightful couple of days! As I walked home today (and yesterday) I was like, I need to write this in the blog! Baked by Melissa open on Fulton a some days ago, and as the store is famous, I needed to try their cupcakes ( I am such a sweet tooth). So, I did and they were.. disappointing, they tasted o.k., but not something I would keep coming for, it was almost not even worth trying. But yesterday I passed by the new Lower East Side bakery, Prohibition Bakery and omg, I would go back to NYC every weekend just for those cupcakes, that is how good they were. They are all alcoholic and all perfectly made. So, if you are here in the city that never sleeps, pass by 9 Clinton St., I am telling you, it is unmissable.

Talking about the Lower East Side, the East River Park is also delicious. Well, I love being close to the water, so… but the views are beautiful, the guys are also and it is just a fun park to walk especially since it takes me right home! Not that I went home yesterday, oh no, not until past midnight. There was too much going on. The New Museum was for free, so I went to see Ghosts in the Machine, which was very nice, with very pretty installations and The Parade, by Nathalie Djurberg, this one was.. so pretty and so disturbing at the same time. The birds were beautiful, there videos were, beautifully tragic. The artist explores the animal desires we humans have, our core emotions, and they are not pretty.

The Quay Brothers exhibition, that  I saw today in the MoMA (which was for free also, yes! Free Fridays, from 4 to 8 and the ticket you get gets you a free entrance on MoMA PS1 , in Long Island City. Pretty good, yes?), was just as disturbing as Nathalie´s Parade. Their stop motion videos and scenarios are creepy, almost terrifying, but so beautifully executed. It was just as hers, beautifully tragic.

And what you do after going to a museum with all its still art? You go see art in movement! On Thursday I was see this wonderful play that was part of Fringe Festival (and also free, since I had volunteered – I am telling you, the secret is to volunteer!) called 20 somethings. The play is basically the story of a group of people in their 20s and I could relate so much. I was so great. Today´s movie in Central Park (which, I must confess can be really confusing and I had to climb some fences to get were I wanted) Animal House, was pretty relatable too. The story of the boys in the Delta Fraternity is just what you imagine college life will be (and sometimes totally is!).


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