Can I tell you guys a dirty little secret? Sometimes I don´t shower. Promise not to tell anyone? I know you do it too, in the winter, when it is waay to cold to take your clothes off. I know it. But, then well you feel the hot water coming down your body and it is the best feeling in the world.. you are like oh my god, this is so good, why didnt I shower yesterday?

central park_newyorkcity_parks_nyc_centralpark

Well, anyways, I just wanted to share the feeling I felt this afternoon before I got to the real subject. Movies. Did I ever shared that I love musicals? Yes, yes, I totally do.  Tonight I saw one I really apreciatte: Chicago. René Zellweger and Catherina Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere singing and dancing, how can that go wrong?There is no way. And, the dresses, oh, the dresses are just so gorgeous. I mean, it is the 20´s and all that Jazz. And all those great songs!

Here is the movie trailer:

But, if you happen to be in NYC, you can enjoy it life ! Chicago is the longest running musical on Brodway and it is the winner of 6 Tony Awards. So, get to TKTS or call for Rush Tickets and enjoy the show!

If you dont have the money for that, no worries, we can stick to the motion picture and enjoy the Central Park Film Festivalthat  is going on! The schedule is here. On Friday there is Animal House. I am super excited! The trailer is here, so you know what I am talking about:

Also on Friday, the MoMA ( where The Quay Brothers have an exhibition) and the Whitney (go see Yayoi Kusama!) are for free! So how about, seeing great art work and catching a great movie? Sounds like a fun program to me! 🙂 Not your thing? No worries! It is craft night also, so if you like arts&crafts, had down to Brooklyn for the Etsy Craft Party. All the info you can find here.


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