I believe I´ve been to the cinema more times in Summer that I have in the past semester, but I guess that normal, right? And I can´t help it, I love going to the movies. Watching good actors, listening different languages, seeing spetacular views of places I want to go.

Yesterday after a good/torturous time in Times Square ( I hate places with lots of people, I need space. But, it was good seing my friend). Yes, all tourists love that place, all the neon lights, the life, the movement, the big screens, it is unbelivable the first time, I confess, my jaw was on the floor. But, it is nice to see for one night and that is it.There is way too many people to keep going back. So make sure to make the most out of it the first time, go to the M&M store, Toys R Us, Forever 21 (and its 5 floors), Hersheys Store, go eat in Carmine´s and you are good. Oh, and, yes:

Catch a Broadway show. But they are all so expensive, right? A trick? (that is actually no secret), go to TKTS, or buy in advance! Yes, maybe the best thing is to buy in advance. Other thing you can try is the Rush Tickets, which means going to the box office as soon as it opens or a few hours before the show to get tickets for 25-35 dollars. The only problem is they usually ask for a student ID, but you can call the box office and ask about that option and see their conditions! And if you happen to be in Times Square during the day make sure to pass by Discover Times Square, they have good exhibitions.

But I got sidetracket. I was talking about the movies and about the one I saw yesterday on the midnight session of AMC Times Square, The Untouchables. It was such a good movie. So, so, so good. it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me think about what is important in ife and how we need to treasure every single moment and never take, anything, for granted. The actors are really good, Paris is beatiful and the story (based on a real one) is breathtaking.

Here is the trailer:

Good right? I know! Dont miss the chance to see it!


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