Today I was going to watch a free movie on the Museum of Moving Image sculpture garden, but it was raining, so I couldnt go. The movie I was supossed to watch is something that I´ve been wanting to see for a long time now and someway or another I will. Maybe they have it in Netflix, right? So than I can pop some popcorn and watch on the sofa. The movie? Certified Copy.

This is the trailer:

So, the oh-so-charming William Shimell plays a middle-aged English writer who meets a French woman played brilliantly (oh, so I heard, but she is good anyways) by Juliette Binoche that changes his life. The plot sounds cliché, right? But, I´ve heard great things about it and really want to see it.

Which reminds me, Saturday I went to Angelika (oh yes, Gossip Girl Dan´s favorite movie theateer) to watch the new Woody Allen movie. My parents said it was not that good, but it is Woody, so I couldn’t help but going. But, I should´ve listen to them, (Shouldn´t you always listen to your parents? They know better, somehow, they always do) because the movie is, well, disappointing. It is too long and too overly written for me. Allen, who is known by keeping it simple created way too many stories and his character in the movie was just so unnecessary ( he always does the same , maybe that got to me). But Rome is beautiful and I love Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg and Alec Baldwin, so that part was worth it. But there are better movies playing, trust me, like Safety not Guaranteed.

In fact there are better movies playing for free. Oh, yes! Tomorrow there is The Big Chill on Brooklyn Bridge Park and on Friday there is Taxi Driver on the museum of moving image, where I will probably go this Friday, since it is for free from 4 pm to 8 pm (and we all know the best things in life are for free). Also this Friday, there is Target Passport Fridays on Queens Museum, this time they are celebrating DR, so if you like latin rythms, make sure to enjoy it!

Now, bed time, because tomorrow there is movie, but there is also a Fringe Festival performance that I kinda wanna watch, I will figure out what I want later (meaning during work, ha ha). Btw, also tomorrow there is Intensati in Hudson River Park, which is such a good work out! I am telling you, I know. But, if you are not a big fan, you can try Yoga on Bryant Park ! Also tomorrow in Bryant Park, there is Broadway in the park with Bring it On and Rock of Ages. Totally going ! Dont let me forget it!

Good night and talk to you soon!


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