Hello again. It is Monday. The International starting Diet Day(ok, I confess I totally stole that phrase from a friend, but it is just so accurate!), but isnt it hard? I know for me it is, especially when my roomate (or whatever you call it) buys ice cream and I discover my hidden talents for cooking. No, I knew I had them, I just didnt have the patience, but today, it totally payd of. I made this delicious mashed potato (which I havent eaten for so long and I love it) and chicken filet and salad and grilled peach with lemon and honey. Doesnt it sound amazing? well, it totally was. But, I promise I will hit the gym tomorrow and the whole week and the next week and.. keep on going.

Anyways, before working out, I was talking about food, which reminds me today I had lunch on this really good, really cheap, really cute place called Gaia (I went in because we had the same name 😉 ), it is an Italian restaurant o E Houston St. in the Lower East Side, close to where I work. Talking about work, whilst searching throught the internet for ideas for their blog (yes, I write for them and it is about art and you can see it here: http://bit.ly/QnQBht ), I ran acroos this:  https://www.facebook.com/humansofnewyork .

I love this guy, he takes the most amazing pictures and he takes real interest in people. As I told you before, I admire this guys with really amazing projects, and this photographer is totally on my list! Maybe I should really make a list and get inspired. Talking about inspiration, this is another thing I ran into and shared on Facebook but not here: http://candychang.com/before-i-die-in-nola/. One more for the list, this time is a girl called Candy Chang. Her project Before I Die I want to….. is so cool and it makes you reflect, what do you want to do before you die? I have a whole list (in my head) of things. But if I could write just one? Wow, I need to think for a sec and I will leave you guys thinking about it. And, as I say, if you imagine it, you can make it happen, so go for it, before it is too late!

Talk to you later! Sweet dreams 🙂


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