Well, hello, I just came from this really amazing Zumba class down on the beach in the Rockaways, it so really faaar, but so worth it. I love the beach, I love the smell of it, I love listening to the ocean and the class was so good! There was so many people dancing and there was even an audience( I guess I work better when there are audiences, acting consequence , maybe? I dont know). I should tell you that not many tourists will adventure themselves into the far lands of Far Rockaway, but is totally worth it! The train ride, even though it is long it is so pretty and the beach is nice and they have a big summer schedule!

But tonight, I just wanted to share this trailer with you guys:

It is a comedy with Hugh Laurie (you know, from the recently finished and really really good tv series House) and a lot of other good actors. The movie will be released on October, until then there is a fez good movies you can catch in the teathers, like Ruby Sparks, which I really want to see.

Well, that is it! Enjoy the rest of the week and I will talk to you soon!


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