There are so many things I am afraid of doing. I just wish I could let all my fears and jump into it! Oh, well, I am getting better, I confess that 6 months ago I wouldn’t just sign up to volunteer in a big festival without knowing anyone, or going to a class without a friend. But, I figured, this is NYC, so I just got to do it!

The reason I am saying all this? I ran into this blog today: . This two guys who write the blog decided to go over the world and have meals with random people. It is just so great! I mean, I just wish I had the courage to say “Hi” to random people on the street, strike up a conversation on a train. Or maybe that other guy who put a stool on the street and sign that read: “Have you made a friend today? Sit down”, or something like that. I could do that, right? It is not hard.

It should not be hard, also, to tell someone that you like them, or make someone smile, or kiss someone, or compliment someone. I should say, the second and the last one are not hard for me, but the other ones? Oh, well. But, I guess I am confessing too much to strangers, that is not my style. So, back to the subject, this guys have amazing projects! Oh, this other guy, a graphic artist that put nice messages on walls. I really admire people who make other people feel better. I try to do that when I can, I mean, it doesn’t take much.

Like, smiling, I am always smiling, well, almost always, specially here in the States, I have so many reasons to be happy. Like running across a goat on the door of Starbucks close to Lincoln Center (yes, that totally did happen). By the way, Lincoln Center started off their outdoor program a while ago, you can check it out here. Finally, yesterday I went to the volunteer rally for Fringe Festival, the schedule is all here, for you to enjoy (’cause it is going to be good!) and on my way home ended up passing by Washington Square Park, and that just made my day better, there were this guys playing the acoustic guitar and it was the cutest thing! I love strings!


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