Today I ran into this really cool website called help me be fucking creative, it gives you tips to make your day more , oh, well, dur, creative. And it is create and funny, so here is the link for you to be more creative also: .

Talking about creativity yesterday I decided to start my new project of writing nice messages on the streets with chalk, I guess people have done that before, but, it is never old to make people feel better, right? Also yesterday I went to Tompkins Square to watch Donnie Darko, which was such a good movie. Donnie, a troubled teengaer plagued by visions of a a man in a scary rabbit custume that manipulates him into doing a series of crimes, is played by the really  good-loking, and oh-so-sexy Jake Gyllenhaal, who you can see in the recent and also really good movie Love and other drugs.

Here are the trailes, so you can enjoy this really good actor:

Donnie Darko, is about time-travel, but there is so much more to it than that. It kind of reminded me of Butterfly Effect, which is a movie that I love so much, with another actor that is really good looking and oh-so-sexy, oh, yes,  Ashton Kutcher. There is still two movies to the end of the program in Tompkins Park, the next one has free delicous pizza by Two Boots! Here is the schedule:  

Also yesterday I went to a screen writing class on Bryant Park. I love this park a lot, it is a quiet place in the middle of a crowded zone of NYC. And they offer so many things, like these free writing classes in the Reading Room, where you can get books and enjoy them in the well, not-so-confortable chairs of the park. But, if reading is not your thing (and you are loosing a lot if that is the case), than you can try the Yoga Class they have , I swear I saw a hundred people with their mets following the instructions.

The countdown started, since there is less than one month for me to go back to St. Pete and there is still do much I want to see! Can you believe I didnt even go to Central Park ? But, that is not my priority, lets see how everything plays out.


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