The best things in life for free (2)

What a delightful couple of days! As I walked home today (and yesterday) I was like, I need to write this in the blog! Baked by Melissa open on Fulton a some days ago, and as the store is famous, I needed to try their cupcakes ( I am such a sweet tooth). So, I … Continue reading The best things in life for free (2)


the best things are free

Can I tell you guys a dirty little secret? Sometimes I don´t shower. Promise not to tell anyone? I know you do it too, in the winter, when it is waay to cold to take your clothes off. I know it. But, then well you feel the hot water coming down your body and it … Continue reading the best things are free

Midnight sessions

I believe I´ve been to the cinema more times in Summer that I have in the past semester, but I guess that normal, right? And I can´t help it, I love going to the movies. Watching good actors, listening different languages, seeing spetacular views of places I want to go. Yesterday after a good/torturous time … Continue reading Midnight sessions


Oh, damn, the rain

Today I was going to watch a free movie on the Museum of Moving Image sculpture garden, but it was raining, so I couldnt go. The movie I was supossed to watch is something that I´ve been wanting to see for a long time now and someway or another I will. Maybe they have it … Continue reading Oh, damn, the rain


Cooking, Eating, Projects

Hello again. It is Monday. The International starting Diet Day(ok, I confess I totally stole that phrase from a friend, but it is just so accurate!), but isnt it hard? I know for me it is, especially when my roomate (or whatever you call it) buys ice cream and I discover my hidden talents for … Continue reading Cooking, Eating, Projects


The Oranges

Well, hello, I just came from this really amazing Zumba class down on the beach in the Rockaways, it so really faaar, but so worth it. I love the beach, I love the smell of it, I love listening to the ocean and the class was so good! There was so many people dancing and … Continue reading The Oranges


Master up my courage

There are so many things I am afraid of doing. I just wish I could let all my fears and jump into it! Oh, well, I am getting better, I confess that 6 months ago I wouldn't just sign up to volunteer in a big festival without knowing anyone, or going to a class without … Continue reading Master up my courage