All this music festivals introduced me toa whole new world of good music I wasent familiar with.  So, today I am here to share with some of my new knowlegde. The first one is an artist that I have been meaning to talk about for weeks, she was part of the Madison Square Music, and her name is Nellie Mckay, this petite blonde has done movies and sings pretty well. Her songs are funny and she is so nice. She made the whole crowd laugh with her and sing with her, while she bolted beautiful songs, played the piano and the ukelele. Here is one of her songs, now say, dont you agree she is the cuttest thing?

But she is only one of my discoveries, last Thursday the icelandic band Of Monsters and Men came to perform in Angel Orensanz Foundation where I am interning this summer. I was in doubt between watching them and another band called Oberhofer, who are pretty good too, dont know if in real life, but their recorded songs are the kind of music you listen when you wanna sing-a-long and relax. Well, I ended up in Angel, and had a great time, the 6 person band that plays indie/folk rock is pretty amazing. They sound really good and the theme of the show as 30´s, so everyone was dressed up, that was the best part :))

Here is Of Monsters and Men:

And here is Oberhofer:

Who do you like best? By the way, Oberhofer played in the River Rocks Festival, in Pier 84 of Hudon River Park, maybe I will go this week, depending on who is playing!

Oh, New York is so awesome! I cannot believe this two months have passed so fucking fast, it is not fair ( oh, not wait, I guess it is), but as much as I am sad there is only one month left (that I will enjoy it as mucch as I can possibly handle, be sure of that), I am happy to be going back to sunnt Florida for another semester in Eckerd (it is so delicious!)

By the way, project Halloween has officially started today(and, I am serious this time ), so lets get moving ans stop eating anything that involves sugar. (I know I can do it!)


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