What a shitty tittle, but that is just the truth, I have been slacking for almost a month now, maybe more? Oh, dont tell me about it. It is not that I dont try, I have a bunch of drafts saved, but I get distracted (say Facebook, Skype, Tumblr, Series) and never finish them, which is really sad. I mean, I really want to keep this blog updated, but it is so hard.

Anyways, enough of reasons, lets go to real content, yes? So, last week I discovered this place called The Sweet Revenge, on Carmine St, on Greenwich Village. I am such a sweet tooth ( is that it? ) , so of course I was drawn to this place where they pair cupcakes with wine and beer, can it get better than that? It was delicious! After the red wine with a vanille cupcake, we went out to drop someone of at the subway and decided to go to a bar, we were walking on the neighborhood when we ran into this small place that had Flamenco ( I confess, I tryed to find on the internet so I could tell you guys and go again, but I just couldn’t), so we entered and got to experience a beautiful Flamenco performance (with dance and music) driking a delicious sangria (it was a wine night), after that we hanged out on the very nice and pleasant Washington Square Park (the one with the arch). Everyone was longing for something greesy to eat (that is what happens after you drink -everytime), so we went to this small french fries place in East Village, at the corner of 2nd Ave and 8th st. The space is called Pommes Frites (lets be chic and say it in french, yes?) and they have delicious fries and delicious sauces, perfect for after a night of drinking (they are open late in the weekends, so enjoy!)

This was just our late Sunday, since we first bought lunch on the incrible and lovely Chelsea Market and then went to eat it in the HighLine Park (which I love so much! ), I had a delicious crepe from bar Suzette. We walked the highline, and went down for the adventures I told you above. But, Saturday was as busy as Sunday! But, with diferent people. This time I wwnt with my brazilian middle friend to visit The Cloisters up in Washigton Heights. I like it, and it is a relaxing place, and it is really good if you are into medieval art, but I am not, so…

After going all the way up to the Heights, why not Bronx? More precisely it´s big Botanical Garden, where they have the“Monet´s Gardens” exhibition. This was beatiful. I loved the water lilies, the japonese garden with the pond and the brigde, it was magical to take a picture on the bridge that was the inspiration for my favorite paiting.

Oh, well, that was it :)) Busy weekend, but I cant help it, it is NYC!

I promise I will here tomorrow again, dont worry, I have much more to tell you!


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