Oh well, it has been a while. I will tell, it is hard to write every day, especially when there are so many things to do here, it is not even a joke. You can get crazy, I am sure I am getting a little freak out because I cannot be at 2 places at once.

But, lets talk about downtown, because today is NYC day! The Financial District is everything but boring, in fact, I believe it is one of the coolest places on the city. Not just because it holds various post cards like the Brooklyn Bridge, the Charging Bull, the South Street Seaport, Battery Park, Wall St. is here, oh so many things. Also, the River to River Festival that ends in two weeks (so you need to enjoy now!) is all here!

So, let me share with you my faves of Downtown Manhattan. My apartment has Brooklyn Bridge as a view and I love walking on it, it was one of the first suspension bridges in the world and until the 20th century the biggest one. The bridge itself is beautiful and the views from it also, so take your time to walk all your way to Brooklyn (you could have breakfast on the Brooklyn Bridge Park and just enjoy the view of downtown Manhattan). Back to the Financial District, I like strolling to the South Street Seaport, especially on weekends, when they have the market. Make sure to go up to the balcony for a great view of the Two Bridges and also, don’t forget to stop by the exhibition Bodies in the Seaport Museum, I loved it, it takes you on a tour through the human body, how it works, how it looks inside, it is really cool and a good break from the summer sun.

For lunch I like walking by Front St. where they have a lot of good options to chose from, like Stella Maris for European cooking, Il Brigante for Italian, SUteiSHI for Japanese food and Nelson Blue to try the New Zealand tastes. Recently, on one of my walks through the neighborhood I found out this cute nice space that they are building in the East River Bikeway as part of the East River Waterfront Esplanade project. It is a nice walk on the water and they have nice benches, where you can sit and enjoy the view for a rest after lunch.

Since my bank is on the end of Broad St. I usually walk all the way to Battery Park and enjoy the lovely green area that has a lot of monuments, including the Castle Clinton. I love just enjoying the view of the water (ok, I have this thing for seeing the water, I love that Manhattan is an island) and strolling around the park. And, they have really cool events, just click the link and check it out.

The River to River Festival does a lot of its events in the World Financial Center, which is close by the park. The WFC has nice gardens, good restaurants and a nice view from inside. So, you should totally stop by before heading to what I believe is the saddest monument in town or even USA, the 9/11 memorial, the site is beautiful, but the memory of the tragedy brings tears to my eyes.

To finish of the day, Stone St. is my advice, Thursdays are the party nights, when all the financial guys that work around the area came to relax, so if you looking for a wealthy and good-looking (so maaany good looking man in Manhattan, btw)husband, this is the place to be! But before heading to the narrow slip, that is the first paved street of NYC, where the youth hangs out and you can enjoy a nice dinner and good drinks, pass by the Charging Bull to take a picture of the famous statue.


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