So today was my first day back to exercising and omg, I almost died. Literally, I am not joking, it was bad. But, the class was good and I will keep on going until it becomes a piece of cake for me (oh, it will happen, just you wait and see).

Anyways, that is what I am here to talk about today, losing some pounds and the best part, FOR FREE. Oh, yeah, baby :)) Shape up NYC is a free program to help everyone loose those extra pounds and be perfect for summer. And, yes, summer is here, in fact tomorrow is going to be, I believe, the hottest day of the year here in the city that never sleeps. I can´t complain after a week feeling cold, hot for me it’s just fine.

But, on to the free classes. They are scattered all over the city. But, let’s focus in Manhattan (since, it is where I am) and my fave classes. Oh, well, this might be a little partial, but you can see the full program right here.

So, let’s start off with Body Conditing, the class that almost killed me today. It is a base class, so in each base you do something different to help tone different parts of your body.  They offer in many different places around NYC, I take it in the Alfred E. Smith Recreation Center, which is in the brink of Chinatown and offers other cool things other than the fitness classes.

Other class that I love is Zumba! This class is a dance one, so prepare to let your body go as you move to the beat of the music. It is really fun and they also have on Alfred, on Wednesdays, so I will be totally going tomorrow :).

Another class that sounds fun is Intensati; the best part about this class is that it is on Hudson River Park, so you can enjoy the view while you do a class that involves dance, martial arts, yoga and high energy aerobics. In fact, you should definitely check out this park. They offer a looot of things, which is so great.

Finally, to cool it all off, a little relaxing is always good, right? So reserve your Fridays to some Relax yoga in the meat packing district, at Integral Yoga Institute. What is good about these locations is that you can continue to relax in this trendy neighborhood that is full of bars! 🙂 What better way to start the weekend?

So, the ideal for losing weight is alternating aerobics and muscle toning, so I will start with Zumba on Monday at Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, they have pools(the outdoor one is free(it will open on June 28th), so feel free to jump to cool of all the heat, I know I will!), which is really cool! Then Body Conditioning on Tuesdays, Zumba again on Wednesdays (this time on Alfred), Intensati on Hudson River Park and finish out with relaxation on Friday! :))

To keep you pumped up to do all these free exercise class here is my playlist, I am a pop fan, so lots of that on it, but hey, it is just a suggestion! You can create yours! Music is always good to give the energy you need to lose all the pounds you want!


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