My mom sent me this interview with Woody Allen and it just inspired me to write this post. I think you can guess what is about, right? Movies! But, I have a twist, also. Just wait and see, ha ha ūüėČ

The interview is really nice and it makes me love the American movie writer even more. I am not selfish, and therefore I am sharing it here, I promise you, you will fall in love with him even more.  His next movie To Rome with Love will be released in 4 days (wow, I am totally going to the premiere!), but until then you can catch up with all his other works. Here are my suggestions, just 4, for the 4 days you have until the debut:

1. Midnight in Paris: His most recently movie became a hit and there is reason for it. The movie is real, with a touch of fantasy and it is filmed on the forever romantic City of Lights. When the background is the Eiffel Tour, it is hard to say no. Then you add Owen Wilson to the cast, and trips to the past with encounters with famous artists like the Fitzgerals, Picasso… it is hard not to love it.

2. Whatever Works: I find it kind of creepy ( I am not a big fan of romances between old and young), but the story is beautiful and the views of life that are shared in this movie are really good to take it to life. I love when dialogues can make you think and make you want to write them down, and in this movie I have this feeling. Melody changes Boris life (well, now that is a¬†common¬†start) and Melody’s mom¬†changes¬†his life all over again. This one is filmed in the city that never sleeps, so expect to see Central Park and NYC skyline while you listen to Boris theories on life and enjoy it.

3. Annie Hall: This one is a prize winner. The story is about Alvy (Woody Allen) a stand up¬†comedian¬†and his relationship with Annie. Yes, like a lot of Allen’s movies it is about a relationship (well,¬†aren’t¬†all movies about some kind of¬†relationship? ). But this movie was the turning point of his¬†career, the change from zany comedy to existentialist drama. Most people agree that this is his masterpiece, as it mixes his absurd humor and is dark view on human nature. But Allen¬†doesn’t¬†agree, he believes his masterpiece is still to come. And if that is what keeps him writing, I wont object.

4. Everything you always wanted to know about sex: This is a movie from his early days, which means no existentialist reflection about life, just pure comedy. The movie is¬†divided¬†in¬†vignettes¬†that explore¬†different¬†questions about sex. It is a rally funny movie, the absurd humor type, that you¬†shouldn’t¬†miss if you like Allen or if you want to know a little more about sex (who¬†doesn’t?).

So, go rent those and enjoy yourself! And here is my twist: if you like¬†watching¬†movies and is currently in NYC came watch movies for free! Today I am going to Bryant Park, for the screening of Psycho (iei,¬†Hitchcock!) that is part of HBO Bryant Park Film Festival, to check the schedule, click here! If you like the beach, check out the Coney Island Flicks on the Beach, they will be screening some pretty good movies,so get your blanket and enjoy the sand at your feet! Not a big fan ? No problem! You can enjoy them at a¬†beautiful¬†rooftop at Madison Ave, check it out here. If you like the water, you can check out Pier 63¬†and if you like syfy, you¬†shouldn’t¬† miss¬†Movies with a view (it is true the view is wonderful!) in¬†Brooklyn¬†Bridge Park. Want more? Check out here!


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