Sunday is a day to stay home and do nothing, that is what I normally do and get all my series up to date. By the way, this is the topic today, oh, yes, TV :)) Anyways, this Sunday was diferent since the River to River Festival started and I am in NYC, so I went to the Bang on a Can Marathon and walked around the World Finantial Center.

But, anywyas, I am here to talk about Gossip Girl and some other series that you should check it out! So, GG, I stopped watching when the fifth season started, the episodes got to emotional and all the skimming and backstabbing that got me to fall in love with the series was gone, so I decided to let it behind ( I mean, it is not easy watching a bunch of series, you need to stick with the best, right? Afterall time is hard to find these days). It was a ramdom Friday that I decided I would start watching again, and oh, how worth was it! So many new things happening, Dan with Blair? Oh, yes, I wanted that to happen! It is such a good couple! Not that I dont love Chuck, I do, but he is too mean, too extreme for Blair, Lonely Boy is just the perfect choice! If you have no idea of what I am talking about, go ahead and get the first season, a time when Jenny was still in the picture, I kind of miss her! I promise that if you like drama, and skimming and cute boys , you wont regret it!

Another  series that I love to watch is 2 Broke Girls, about to girls striving in New York City. Caroline a rich girl turned poor because of a scandal involving her father and Max a foever poor girl from Brooklin. I adore it for three main reason, it is funny, it is in NYC and the carachters are good. Another one of my faves passes on the other side of the east coast, down in Florida. Yes, I am talking about Cougar Town. The story of a group of friends around their 40´s just having fun in a small town in the Sunshine state (oh, I love that sunshine state — missing Eckerd a little) , it sounds and it is delicious to watch! Finally on my list GleeAmerican Horror Story, Project Runaway and America´s Next Top Model.

So, if you dont know what to watch on Sunday, follow my suggestions and I promise you , you will have a fun afternoon! So, get your hot chocolate or cold beer, your pop corn and start watching! 🙂


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