Wow, it has been a while. But, lets get back on tracks. I have been busy with all the visa stuff, but I hope this time it will all work out. I really do hope so. Anways, lets get down to business, no chit chat about my complicated life.

So, last Saturday I got the ferry to Governors Island, where many events will be taking place this summer in New York, so dont forget to check their website, to see the Figment Project, which is a colective artwork spread all around the little and green and pretty island. The art pieces were great and interactive! The Lady Liberty face burried on the ground was great, the open TV, the love yourself project. All made Figment great! I had a lot of fun colaborating with the art too, we painted butteflies made of wood, we wrote things that we loved about ourselves, we wrote phrases in a fabric and hanged in a wire. It was pretty cool. I am glad that I found out about it, because it happens only once a year for a weekend and next year I wont be here.

On Sunday we got to go to the Egg Roll&Egg Cream Festival, where Chinatown (cheers for who loves this part of the city!) and Lower East Side(wait for my post about it, it is coming 🙂 ) in Eldrigde St., where the Museum at Eldrigde St. is(dur), they do have a nice calendar of events and the inside is beautiful. The festival was not that fun,  afterall it was more for children and I am a little passed that age. But all was compensated by the delicious Brazilian meal we ate afterwards in a little place called Berimbau. It is not cheap, but is it really good and the portions are big.

On Tuesday it was Museum Mile Day! I went tothe MET, a museum I love, it has so many things! I have a love for the European paitings galleries, I just find it so beautiful. Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, they enchant me. Also, they have this exhibition about Fashion that is really intriguing, it is a comparisson betwen Schiaparelli and Prada and it is really good, the dresses are just stunning and you can never leave the Metropolitan Museum of Art without going to the Rooftop. This time the exhibition is Cloud City, I didnt get to go because it was raining, but it sure looks beautiful, and even without exhibitions, the view is amazing. Then,  finally, I got to go to Guggenheim, which I enjoyed very much. The arquitecture is just amazing from out and inside and they have good exhibitions.

Yes, my weekend and week start was busy , but there is no stopping now. NYC is bubbling in the summer with a lot of festival and free things going on! I am really excited to enjoy the rest of it!


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